Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I water my lawn?

How frequently you should water your lawn depends on a couple of factors. The amount of direct sunlight and shaded areas can change the frequency of how often your lawn may need to be watered. In general, you should water your lawn at least once every other day.

Is mowing the right height and in alternating patterns important?

Yes, mowing at the right height and in alternating patterns is important to reduce the formation of ruts in your lawn. If you do have rutting in your lawn from repetitive mowing patterns, reach out to Roundtree Companies LLC to take care of your mowing needs to make your lawn lush and vibrant.

When and Why Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

You should fertilize your lawn in the fall to get the best results. This allows time for new turf to become established and allows for new growth. When it comes to iron and phosphorous treatments to keep your turf looking green and replenished, it's best to do this in June, July or August. For more information on fertilization, call Roundtree Companies LLC in Charlotte, NC.

How Long Do I Need to Stay off of the Lawn After Fertilization?

It depends on the type of fertilization to determine how long you should stay off your lawn afterward. With granular applications, you can go on your lawn right after it has been applied, but with liquid or chemical fertilizations you should wait at least a week.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare My Lawn For the Winter?

To prepare your lawn for winter, it's best to do winter fertilization to ensure your turf is nourished and remains green through the colder seasons. We recommend doing this no later than December 1st to yield the best results. Call now to schedule this year's winter fertilization for your lawn in Charlotte, NC area.

How Can A well-kept property Help Sell My Home?

Well-manicured and well-kept landscaping on a property can help increase its curb appeal. We have seen well-landscaped properties increase in value 2 folds. A few ways to do this include having a well-keep flower bed, regular lawn maintenance, and landscaping that is optimized for your property.

When Is the Best Time To start a landscaping project?

The best time to start a landscaping project would be the first of October through March. During this time the temperature is cooler and plants have a few months to get established before summer comes with less rain and warmer temperatures. It is also more idea to transplant during the winter, so if your next landscaping project involves moving plants or trees on your property do it no easily than October.

How does pest control treatment work?

Pest control treatment works by getting rid of any invasive insects that will harm or damage your turf. These treatments work on grubs, worms, and more to keep your lawn out of harm's way. For more information on pest control treatments, call (704) 995-1764 today!

What does hardscaping include?

Hardscaping are features used in landscaping architecture that are not vegetation. Some of these features include pavers, retaining walls, nations, driveways, walkways, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pond features, and more. Check out our gallery page to see some of our hardscaping projects!

Why should I get hardscaping?

Hardscaping is great because it lasts longer than vegetation features in landscaping, and is more cost-effective. Adding hardscaping to your property can also provide expanded living space with an outdoor kitchen, or enhance your landscaping with a pond feature. In addition, hardscaping is more hands-on expect for when working with stone, which adds an extra element of craftsmanship to the feature.